Annual Minerals Conference Slated for Next Week

The Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum (UCMP) in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development through the Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines, is organising the 7th Annual Mineral Wealth conference scheduled for 2nd to 3rd October of 2018.

This year’s conference which will be held at Serena Hotel  will focus on the Potential of the Mining sector of East Africa Region  under the theme “East Africa ‘The continent’s next mining investment haven’ and will host over 1000 government officials and private sector players from 40 countries around the globe

Speaking Wednesday at a press conference, Elly Karuhanga the ED, UCMP said this year’s conference will focus on East Africa and particularly Uganda to showcase its potential as a region and what it can offer the world in terms of Minerals.

“We have over 50 minerals. Most of these are still in the ground and are under exploited. With the right policies and mind-set, Uganda which is very gifted by God can benefit immensely from its minerals and finance our developments without depending on loans” he said.

Karuhanga noted that Africa is being given a raw deal by mining companies because the governments negotiators are inexperienced and do not understand the worth of these mines.

“The problem with the minerals industry in Africa is that negotiators on behalf of Africa governments are done by less qualified and experienced than the mining companies hence governments end up with Raw deals. These are some of the issues that we want to address in this upcoming” Karuhanga said.

“The role of the chamber is to continuously highlight the issues affecting the mining sector to the attention of the public and the government so that we can influence policies that will develop the sector” he added.

The conference will be open to the general public at a fee of $354 for Ugandans and $500 for foreigners who are not members of the UCMP


According to organisers, the conference will feature a showcase of ACP-EU development minerals Program in Uganda including representation of other participating countries like Cameroon, Guinea-Conakry, Zambia, Jamaica and Fiji who will share their program success stories and what its implementation has meant for their respective sector


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