Ankole King Impostor Out on Bail; Church Leader Urges Gov’t to Restore Kingdom

Government has been asked to take seriously the tribal related problems that are cropping up in the Ankole region, and take steps to address them before they get out hand.

Among the bold steps that government is being asked to take, is restoring the banned Ankole Kingdom as it has done with other tribes around the country.

The call was made by Rev. Steven Asingwire, the archdeacon of All-Saints Ishaka Urban Archdeaconry of West Ankole Diocese.

Rev. Steven Asingwire

Rev Asingwire was speaking in response to the release of Umar Asiimwe the enthroned King of Ankole, as well as his three ministers by the Mbarara Chief Magistrate Sanyu Mukasa.

Asiimwe was arrested on February 15, 2018 over sectarian remarks he allegedly made against Gender Minister Janat Mukwaya, with whom they had met to address his continuous push for the restoration of the Kingdom of Ankole which was banned along with others by President Milton Obote in 1967.

For calling the minister unqualified to involve herself in Ankole matters since she is a Muganda, Asiimwe was arrested, charged with promoting sectarianism and remanded.

Rev Asingwire was one of the people that stood surety for the accused at the court today.

Speaking to reporters outside court, the man of God said time had come for Government through parliament to start looking again into the possibility of allowing the people of Ankole to exercise their cultural rights by restoring their kingdom.

Friends and Relatives celebrate the release of Umar Asiimwe

“This matter should not even be in court,” he said. “This is a cultural issue that demands a cultural solution. It is the work of government to bring peace to the Banyankole like what has been done in other regions like Buganda, Bunyoro, Toro and elsewhere; that will show that democracy has prevailed.”

He added that government should not resort to threatening people pushing for their constitutional rights with jail terms, but come out and address their concerns.

Umar Asiimwe, who claims lineage to the late King Ntare of Ankole, enthroned himself in 2016 and appointed a cabinet of his own.

Ever since he has been clashing with police in his efforts to popularize the idea of government formerly restoring and recognizing Ankole Kingdom.

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