Anita Fabiola Reveals Why She is No Longer Dating

Media personality Anita Fabiola has relayed reasons why she is no longer dating, saying they trace back to the time when her private pictures leaked to the media.

During an interview with Sanyu FM’s Crystal Newman on Saturday afternoon, Fabiola said after “the trying moment” she went through, she decided to “focus more on work” instead of relationships.

“I am over it (relationships), and when I say I am over it … I mean it … because I have been through enough to know this,” she said.

The former TV host’s photos leaked in 2015, an event saw her quit her job at NTV as a “Be My Date” show host.

During the interview, Fabiola, said: “The hardest part was leaving my job.”

Explaining how she quit, she told Newman that “I was given two options: resigning or be fired,” and she opted for the former.

It’s from that time; the events host revealed she learnt that “a woman should love herself more than she loves the man.”

“Put you first,” she said when Crystal asked her what advice she would give a woman from her (private photo leakage) experience.


Fabiola insists she is not “looking at any guy at the time,” adding “I even get surprised when I see reports that I am eyeing some people I have never even met in life.”

On why she quit NTV’s “Second Chance”, she said she became too busy to keep effective at the TV show and “I never want to be the one to lag the project behind.”

Asked to describe her personality she said: “I am the sweetest person on the planet, I am a kind, shy, determined, ambitious and very friendly person.”

“I am such a lover,” she emphasized.

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