Anita Fabiola Opens Up on Relationship with Rich Gang’s Ed Cheune

Former NTV presenter and renowned media personality Anita Fabiola has responded to claims that she is secretly dating Rich Gang member Edward Cheune alias Ed Cheune.

In our previous report, we broke a story of how Fabiola is currently spending time at the Rich gang Residence in Muyenga.

When asked whether she’s really seeing Cheune, Fabiola said: “No we aren’t dating.”

“He is just a friend,” she clarified.

However, her suggestive photos at the Muyenga residence have become a topical issue especially after our corp spotted Cheune’s car in the background.

This also follows reports and Fabiola and Cheune have of late become close that they occasionally hangout together late in the nights.

The two, according to ChimpLyf sources, were last seen publicly at Club Play last Wednesday.

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