Angry Bobi Wine Fans Chase Bebe Cool Off Stage @ Tarrus Riley Concert

Revelers who turned for the Swangz Avenue All-Star concert featuring Jamaican reggae dancehall superstar Tarrus Riley at Lugogo Cricket Oval were treated to more entertainment than they paid for after singer Bebe Cool was chased off stage by evidently angry Bobi Wine fans.

The Gagamel boss was supposed to be the last local performer before the night’s main act last evening , Friday 31st August 2018.

However, as soon as Bebe Cool stepped on stage to perform his blockbuster hit from two years ago ‘Love you every day’; he was welcomed by bottles of water and plastic disposables with liquids from what is believed to have been Bobi Wine’s fans.

Bebe Cool wanted to prove a point

Before that, the ‘Batidemu’ singer was seated in the VVIP section with eldest son Allan Hendricks and wife Zuena Kirema cheering on other local singers.

Being Bebe Cool, standing in the middle of the stage, continued performing hoping the rowdy crowd would stop. How wrong he was!

Police officers convincing Bebe Cool to leave stage

Him insisting to continue with his performance was perceived as an invitation by the angry Bobi Wine fans to heighten their attack on him as they started throwing beer bottles.

Luckily for the then wet Bebe Cool, they did not reach him. But that could not be said for some of the fans that were standing next to the stage as a they were seen fleeing the area for fear of their lives.

Management then realized the situation was only getting worse and cut off the microphones and switched off the stage lights so that Bebe Cool could get off stage but the singer insisted and even removed his wet top.

Bebe Cool appears to be fighting police officers trying to get him off stage

Some of his fans were overheard sympathizing, “What is wrong with Bebe Cool, he cannot manage this rowdy crowd the best thing is for him to leave.”

Pleas for the singer to get off the stage and save his life and the show fell on deaf ears as he was determined to prove a point. He stood there with hands raised like Jesus Christ about to be crucified. Meanwhile, the blood thirsty fans could be heard chanting ‘people power our power’, repeatedly.

Police realized enough was enough and did everything to have him leave the stage including using force. It took the intervention of Swangz Avenue boss Julius Kyazze and the brutal force of police for the then half naked dread locked singer to calm down. His son was seen looking on helplessly.

Bebe Cool was eventually taken off stage by police officers

When Bebe Cool left stage, the bottles and plastic disposables stopped flying around.

Order was restored as stage was cleared of the water bottles, broken beer bottles and plastic cups before Tarrus Riley came on stage much to the excitement of the audience.

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