Angola Sends Envoy To Museveni Amid Escalating Regional Tensions

Angolan President Joao Manuel Goncalves Lourenco has dispatched a high level delegation to deliver a special message to Museveni of Uganda.

The content of the message was not disclosed by State House.

“Special Envoy and Foreign Affairs Minister of Angola, Mr. Manuel Domingos Augustino, delivered the message to Mr. Museveni today (Tuesday) at State House, Nakasero,” Uganda’s presidency said in a statement sent to ChimpReports.

“President Museveni and the Angolan delegation discussed regional issues,” it added.

The development comes against the backdrop of heightened tension in the region.

Lourenco recently held a tripartite meeting with Rwanda’s Paul Kagame and DRC leader Felix Tshisekedi in Kinshasa.

The leaders agreed to work together to defeat rebel movements operating from DRC and also boost regional trade.

Uganda, which is affected by the operations of rebel movements especially ADF, in DRC, did not attend the meeting.


Uganda’s relations with Rwanda remain tense due to alleged support for rival armed movements in the region.

Museveni engaging the Angolan delegation at Nakasero

Burundi also didn’t participate in the meeting. Rwanda’s relations with its neighbors Burundi have also been deteriorating in recent years, with President Pierre Nkurunziza accusing Kagame’s government of funding the failed coup in Bujumbura and destabilizing his country.

Uganda remains uncomfortable with Tshisekedi’s closeness to Kagame since the latter slapped a trade embargo on Ugandan goods.

Kagame has since sought deeper bilateral ties with President Lourenco, a former Defence minister in the government of Eduardo Dos Santos and Tshisekedi to expand a market for his goods and also counter rebels operating in South Kivu, DRC.

Eduardo was close to Laurent Kabila, the father of Joseph Kabila, whose reign was fought by Kagame and President Museveni.

It was the Angolan military that stopped the Rwandan armed forces from capturing Kinshasa to topple Kabila Sr.

Angola remains a key member of SADC where exiled Rwandan billionaire Tribert Rujugiro runs a multi-million dollar business.

Kagame recently requested Uganda to close Rujugiro’s factory in Northern Uganda, alleging the businessman was supporting rebels to destabilize Rwanda.

President Museveni last year urged Kagame to provide evidence to back his claims to allow courts take action but the Rwandan leader was yet to respond to his Ugandan counterpart’s letter.

It remains unclear if Kagame has asked Lourenco to shut down Rujugiro’s business in Angola.

The meeting at Nakasero was attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sam Kutesa.

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