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Angola Joins Africa’s Gas Exporting Countries

The African Energy Chamber applauded Angola on becoming the sixth African country to join the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), after Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea.

The GECF has been at the forefront of promoting the use of natural gas as an affordable and sustainable fuel of choice for sustainable development.

African countries rallying around the drive of Equatorial Guinea’s Mines and Hydrocarbon Minister, Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima’s drive to monetize gas and engage with OPEC and GECF is seen as a step in the right direction.

“Angola has vast untapped gas reserves that have not yet been monetized,” said AEC Executive Chairman NJ Ayuk.

“Joining the GECF is a step in the right direction and in line with President João Lourenço blueprint for transformation, growth and boosting economic diversification by the monetization gas.”

Angola’s focus on gas is being backed by new legislation promoting the monetization of the country’s gas reserves.

In May 2018, Angola passed Presidential Decree No. 7/18 (PD 7/18), indicating President Lourenço strong commitment to reform the country’s hydrocarbons sector and provide a boost to the gas industry.

ChimpReports is informed the decree was the first law aimed at specifically regulating the prospection, research, evaluation, development, production and sale of natural gas in Angola.


“The Chamber welcomes the reforms in Angola and its commitment towards diversification and a market driven local content. This requires that government provides the necessary infrastructure and incentives that will enhance the productivity of labor and capital in the economy,” Ayuk continued.

“The private sector has a role to play and there must be a change in its mindset, from commerce to industry.”

The Chamber saluted Angola on its efforts towards reforming its gas industry and deepening its engagement with international gas markets through Gas Exporting Countries Forum.

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