Angela Kalule Explains Real Meaning of ‘Kokonyo’, Faces the Law

During an interview with Capital FM on Monday morning, singer Angela Kalule was tasked to explain the meaning of ‘Kokonyo’, a now popular word adapted from her leaked video.

In her response, the singer said, “It is a word that describes teasing moments,” adding that, “It’s like a preview of what to expect.”

Ever since her private video leaked, social media users, especially non-Baganda, have been wondering what really the word means.

On the flipside however, State minister for Ethics and Integrity Father Simon Lokodo has ordered a probe into the now-circulating video of the singer, which could lead to her arrest.

According to media reports, the Minister wants an investigation into how exactly the video got to the public domain.

““It seems it has become a norm amongst forgotten artists to use nudity as a ladder towards their return to stardom but serious action is to start with Kalule,” Lokodo said in a phone interview with journalists.

This however, comes as yet another case where the minister promises arrests but all in vain.


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