Andy Events Orders B2C To Erase Record Label From All Their Songs

Andy Events may have pardoned the Born 2 Conquer, B2C group to keep the group name but their legal troubles with him are far from over.

The former manager of the trio that is composed of Delivad Julio, Bobby Lash and Mr. Lee has ordered them to cease and desist from playing his record label name in their songs.

All songs by B2C that were produced under Andy’s stewardship contain his ‘Andy Music’ record label name.

The boys now have been tasked to edit all their songs and delete the name.

Andy Events has also issued a similar warning to all media houses that they will face grave consequences if they continue to play the B2C songs with his record label name.

B2C announced in November that they had parted ways with their manager whom they have worked with for over 2 years.

At that time, they claimed it was an amicable split due to his conflicting schedules but recent events have proved that the breakup was ugly and far from amicable.

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