Amuriat Urges Supporter ‘Restraint’ as FDC Seeks ‘Healing’

Recently elected Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President Patrick Amuriat has called on party supporters to avoid internal conflicts, which many observers say are about to split the party, and instead focus on working together.

Amuriat made the remarks in a statement he issued Friday after what he described as a candid meeting with former FDC President Gen. Mugisha Muntu in Kampala.

“I kindly request for restraint from our supporters and membership of FDC so that we allow the healing process to proceed soberly,” Amuriat said.

The call comes as the public continues to rally Gen Muntu to form his own political party, with many arguing that his ideologies do not match those of FDC, which they say supports radicalism, while Gen Muntu is rooting for a democratic transition of power.

The meeting, which Amuriat noted was “not conclusive”, but registered “a lot of progress” — focused on resolving such issues, according to Amuriat’s statement..

“I have this afternoon met with President Mugisha Muntu in Kampala, in what I assess as a candid discussion in a bid to resolve the contradictions arising from the recently concluded FDC Presidential Elections,” said the statement.

Muntu’s statement did not differ from what Amuriat wrote.

“The reason for the meeting was to initiate the process of dialogue that our team had committed to in the aftermath of last month’s election,” said Muntu.


“During the meeting, I reiterated to him the need to deal with the root causes of the party’s internal contradictions in an honest, open and conciliatory manner,” he added.

The former commander revealed they will have their next meeting in January.

Yokasi Bihande, a member of FDC National Executive Committee (NEC), also attended the meeting.

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