Amuriat to Channel Half of Uganda’s Budget Towards Local Government Entities

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential Candidate, Patrick Oboi Amuriat has promised to channel half of Uganda’s 45.5 trillion shillings budget towards a string of Local Government (LG) activities.

Amuriat argued that road infrastructure funding, especially the feeder roads, is vital and thus “my government will allocate 50% of the budget to local governments to directly carry out work related to service delivery.”

It is understood that these remarks were fueled by an encounter with a bad road on Sunday December 20, 2020 which left his media team stuck on the Myanzi-Kassanda stretch.

Amuriat, who was touring the Greater Mubende districts of Mityana and Kassanda, disclosed that this would have been avoided if funding towards districts was elevated and corruption minimized.

“It just required a drainage facility to salvage this kind of situation. It has not been done and because this has been happening everywhere, our best judgment is that it’s due to negligence and corruption that must be brought to an end,” he diagnosed.

Asked whether broadening the scope of the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) would solve this, Amuriat said the body (UNRA) is already stretched.

“UNRA is already overwhelmed; my experience with UNRA is that they are even failing to maintain their own roads. It’s not about the jurisdiction, UNRA has engineers and the local governments have engineers,” Amuriat pointed out.


He further noted that majority of feeder roads would be in better shape if weighbridges were installed and trucks carrying heavy luggage diverted to better paved roads or tarmac.

It should be noted that a total of 1.06 trillion shillings was committed to Local Government entities in the 2020/21 Financial Year (FY) according to the Budget Frame work Paper that was discussed and passed by Uganda’s Parliament.

In the same vein, the same document stipulates that only 5.8 trillion shillings or 13% of Uganda’s resource envelope was allocated towards the Works and Transport sector.


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