Amuriat Promises to Restore Teso’s Lost Glory

The  FDC presidential flag bearer, Mr Patrick Amuriat, has promised to hand Teso a minimum agenda when voted into power in 2021,saying this will cushion the region from years of retrogressive development perpetuated by 1986 president Museveni’s robbing of Teso of its property and lives.

Addressing a press conference at Eneku village, North of Soroti town, before embarking on his second day campaigns in Serere district on Tuesday, Amuriat accused the ruling regime for its systematic plunder of Teso, saying the once proud region was herded into camps after its backbone was broken.

“Massacres, were conducted, in Mukura, Kabwere, Nyero, Osamai Omaria, Otucopi, Serere, all over the regime,” he said, adding that all such injustices will be addressed in his minimum agenda for Teso.

Mr Amuriat also indicated that his manifesto which will look into truth telling and reconciliation but declined to divulge details of the contents until when they will be launching their manifesto in Hoima district on the 26 November 2020.

The former Kumi county MP, and also FDC party president, also challenged Museveni to change, as he promised a vote- of- no- confidence to the person of Museveni and his cronies in the 2021 elections.

“We exude confidence, for another time, as we have won before and more emphatically that we shall win again, and that win be actualized and defended,”   Mr Amuriat said.

He said Teso has been subject to dejection, its people are now downtrodden people, just like others in the east and greater north, saying FDC will be offering plausible solutions.

The FDC president, also its party flag bearer for the highest seat in the land urged people to brace themselves against the cruelty and also be ready to defend their victory from being taken away.

He said as president of the party, he chairs an elaborate network of people in all districts, we have MP and LC5 candidates across the region who have a bigger following.

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