Amuriat Pessimistic About Museveni’s Cattle Compensation Pledge

Forum for Democratic Change’s (FDC) Presidential Flag bearer, Patrick Oboi Amuriat aka POA has scoffed at Government’s promise to compensate Teso, Acholi and Lango residents whose cattle were stolen by insurgents.

President Yoweri Museveni, while meeting NRM leaders on Wednesday last week in Apac disclosed that Government was in the final stages of computing the total costs to reimburse the victims.

“On issues of Lango, we are going to increase the cattle compensation budget to 50 billion per sub region (plus Acholi and Teso) so that we settle this matter once and for all,” Museveni said.

However, while addressing a campaign rally at Ayepi in Kwania district; Amuriat who also claims to have lost a number of livestock said the president was only deflating public uproar ahead of the 2021 General Elections.

“Mr. Museveni has promised in every election that he will compensate the people of Lango for the one million cows that were lost here but he has failed up to now,” Amuriat said.

“I understand the other day when he heard that I was contesting because I also lost cows, he promised Lango 50 billion shillings for compensation of cows lost.”

“What is happening today shows that if you continue voting for Museveni, your cows will never be recovered. Vote for POA and you will be compensated for all your cows up to the last cow,” Amuriat added.

According to media reports, the money in question is supposed to compensate 70,000 war claimants whose livestock was lost to armed insurgents starting in 1986.


In 2014; it should be noted that the High Court in Lira stated that the affected persons under their umbrella body Lango War Claimants Association be compensated by Government.

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