Amuriat Disowns Ingrid Turinawe at Rukungiri Rally

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) yesterday publicly severed ties with Turinawe Ingrid Kamateneti one of its ardent mobilisers in the Kigezi sub region and candidate for the Rukungiri Municipality seat.

Turinawe who has served FDC in various capacities including the Secretary of Mobilization and is seen as a close confidant of the formation’s founding father Dr. Kizza Besigye opted to run as an independent after a dismal performance in the August 2020 Party Primaries.

In the primaries, little known Dr. Warren Tumwiine polled 130 votes against Ingrid’s 65 while Roland Kaginda the incumbent legislator trailed with 62 votes.

Rather than admit defeat; she decided to defy the party, which ruffled FDC and finally culminated in Secretary General’s Nathan Nandala Mafabi’s decision to expel her on December 10, 2020.

Addressing a rally in Rukungiri Municipality on Monday January 4, 2020; FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat publicly disowned Turinawe for going against the Party Constitution.

“I want to request you to vote for these people here for these positions including Warren for the Municipality…..We had primaries here and they were free and fair. If someone decided to stand as an independent, they ceased being members of the Party,” Amuriat said.

“So I ask you my dear friends of Rukungiri, come 14th vote for the key. On the 20th of January vote for the Key and whenever there is an election vote for the key,” he added.

Meanwhile, the FDC is trapped in a conundrum regarding Winnie Babihuga’s decision to contest for the Rukungiri Woman Member of Parliament (MP) as independent after she was beaten by incumbent Betty Muzanira.


Commenting on this crisis, Roland Kaginda one of the aggrieved losers tipped his colleagues at a rally in Nyarushanje town to abide by the tenets of Multi-Party democracy.

“It is good that we are walking our talk in the FDC. I was MP for 10 years and left so that others can exhibit their capabilities. Perhaps, we will experience some positive changes,” Kaginda retorted.

Section 12 of the Party’s 2015 Constitution spells out that one can cease being a member of the Organization once he/she formally resigns, joins another party in an election, dies or engages in activities deemed ‘hostile’ to the FDC.

Campaign trail

Amuriat started his campaigns in the Rwenshama landing site situated in Rujumbura County, Rukungiri District. Here, Amuriat spoke distastefully about the involvement of soldiers in the fisheries sector and promised to expunge them with immediate effect once he assumes office in May 2021.

“The UPDF is going to be removed and instead we are going to put fisheries officers from amongst you,” he pledged.

Amuriat however, was unable to visit Nyakishenyi Sub County after stream water submerged the route at Nyabikuuku village.

Amuriat and his team were forced to skip Nyakishenyi Sub County due to a flooded road at Nyabikuuku village


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