Amuria Locals Charged Money For Hepatitis B Vaccine

People who are seeking the Hepatitis B Vaccine for their babies in the government owned Health Centers in the Eastern District of Amuria are being charged money, this Website has learnt.

The health facilities are charging money ranging from Shs. 1000 to 10,000 for the vaccine, which like all others is supposed to be free.

The Hepatitis B vaccine is administered three times mostly to babies starting from birth.

Lucy Adeke a 32 year old told Chimpreports that on her recent visit to the Okunguru Health Center II in Okunguru Sub County, she was asked to pay for the vaccine.

“I went to the health center without money and I was not attended to. The nurse later told me that without money I was not going to get the vaccine. I returned home and borrowed Shs 2000 from my neighbor,” Adeke said.

Isaac Okello, a resident of Okunguru parish said he was shocked when he was asked to pay for a government provided for vaccine.

“At first I resisted, but then I realized I didn’t have another option,” he said.

Residents during a Barraza meeting conducted by Soroti Catholic Diocese Justice and Peace Commission in Okunguru Sub County Kapelebyong County faulted their district leaders for failing to interne in the matter.

The locals say they approached Okitoi Erisat, the District Health Officer who didn’t listen to them.

In response, Teddy Ajong, the Councilor for Okunguru Sub County confirmed having got complains from the people about the sale of government drugs, but said the money is being used to cover other costs at the health facilities.

 “The money people pay doesn’t go to any person’s pocket but helps to facilitate the movement of the trained doctors from Kapelebyong Health Centre IV to Okunguru,” said the councilor.

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