Amnesty International Demands Stella Nyanzi’s Immediate Release

Human rights body, more about Amnesty International has appealed to the government of Uganda to free detained Makerere University professor Dr. Stella Nyanzi who according to the organization is a prisoner of conscience held solely for exercising her freedom of expression.

In a statement released on Wednesday, viagra 40mg Amnesty International said Dr. Nyanzi’s detention contravenes Uganda’s constitution as well as the country’s obligations to international human rights instruments and the constitution.

Stella Nyanzi was arrested on April 7 and later charged with using social media (Facebook) to insult President Yoweri Museveni and violating his right to privacy.

In weeks leading to her arrest, Nyanzi had constantly attacked both the President and the First lady for failing on their mandate to deliver much needed services to Ugandans for the last 30 years.

Using her often sexually laced and descriptive literature, Nyanzi called out the President for backtracking on his pledge made during 2016 presidential campaigns to provide sanitary pads to young girls in Uganda.

“Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s detention and prosecution violate Uganda’s obligations under the constitution and international human rights laws regarding rights to liberty and freedom of expression,” a statement released by Amnesty International read.

The human rights body called for the “immediately and unconditionally release” of Nyanzi and for government to comply with Uganda’s obligations in safeguarding human rights laws and freedom of expression.

“We urge that Nyanzi be protected from torture and other I’ll treatment pending her release,” it added.


The appeal from Amnesty International is the latest to be made following calls from local activists and human rights defenders to have Nyanzi released from Luzira prison.

Many activists say Nyanzi’s statements contain critical issues that matter to majority of Ugandans despite how she airs them out.

On Wednesday, a group of politicians, friends to Nyanzi and the accused’s children are said to have blocked by Luzira prison authorities from visiting Nyanzi. This, some said violated her right as an inmate to see her family but the Uganda Prisons Service spokesperson Frank Baine refuted the claims.

“She [Nyanzi] demanded that her visitors see her while she was having her lunch, which goes against our rules. When prison officials advised her to finish her lunch and meet her visitors, Nyanzi refused to comply saying the world would know about it,” Baine said on Wednesday.

Stella Nyanzi is due to appear in court on April 25 after court has established whether or not she is in good mental health as requested by the prosecution.

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