AMISOM Embarks On Major Road Rehabilitation Works In Somalia

The main road linking the towns of Dhobley and Tabta in the Lower Jubba region of Somalia is set to receive a major facelift, following the launch of road rehabilitation works by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and the Somali National Army (SNA).

The joint renovation works by AMISOM Kenyan troops based in Dhobley and their Somali counterparts, on the 54km stretch road, will ease the movement of people, goods and services in the region.

Brig. Gen. Dickson Ruto, Commander of the Kenyan contingent, said the rehabilitation is in line with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2472 and the revised AMISOM Concept of Operations (CONOPs), as well as the Somali Transition Plan.

“One of the tasks of AMISOM is to open main supply routes. We have a stretch between Dhobley all the way to Kismayo which is important to the movement of people and goods, particularly in the Federal Member State of Jubbaland,” Gen Ruto explained.

Renovation of the road, Gen. Ruto noted, is also significant as it will bolster security in the region.

AMISOM troops, Ruto said, also plan to rehabilitate roads within Dhobley township which were once levelled by KDF troops serving under AMISOM, but damaged by recent heavy rains.


Siyad Mohamed Hassan, the Administrator for Dhobley commended AMISOM for its development activities, an addition to their core mandate of securing Somalia and mentoring government forces.


“We have just started a road rehabilitation project which is being implemented by AMISOM troops in Dhobley. This road had not been maintained since the collapse of the central government and had narrowed due to bushes and trees,” Mr. Hassan explained.

The road rehabilitation exercise is part of the implementation of AMISOM’s key priority programmes under its revised CONOPs, which includes degrading the threat of the terrorist group Al-Shabaab, and securing main supply routes and population centres.

The AMISOM CONOPs provides a framework to guide the implementation of the gradual transfer of security responsibilities to the Somali Security Forces and the eventual exit of AU troops from Somalia.



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