American Singer Justin Bieber Seeks Treatment For Depression

Justin Bieber is currently undergoing treatment for depression and seeking professional help on dealing with mental struggles.

The singer previously opened up to Vogue Magazine about his relationship with wife Hailey Baldwin and the way it affected him, sharing more personal issues.

Tackling the mental health part, Justin explained thus, “I found myself doing things that I was so ashamed of, being super-promiscuous and stuff, and I think I used Xanax because I was so ashamed.

My mom always told me to treat women with respect. For me, that was always in my head while I was doing it, so I could never enjoy it. Drugs put a screen between me and what I was doing. It got pretty dark. I think there were times when my security was coming in late at night to check my pulse and see if I was still breathing.” He confessed.

A close source to Bieber also intimated that “the singer seems down and tired. He has been struggling a bit. It has nothing to do with Hailey — he is very happy being married to her. It’s just something else that he struggles with mentally. He has good help around him and is receiving some treatment. He seems confident he will get better soon.”

Bieber also confirmed the speculation that has been making rounds on media that he will be taking a break from music to focus on self evaluation, his relationship and the future.

In the same profile, Bieber described himself as “emotionally unstable.”


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