Alupo Roots for Active Sports Activities in Colleges

The Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) has warned former spymaster Gen. David Sejusa that it’s not “taking lightly” his recent remarks in which he rallied opposition forces and the public to join hands to remove President Museveni from power.

Army spokesperson, about it Lt Col Paddy Ankunda sad, “Gen Sejusa is breaking the law by visiting the offices of political parties and the national army is closely monitoring his activities.”

In an exclusive interview with ChimpReports on Wednesday, Ankunda said the controversial general who deserted duty, fled to United Kingdom and returned after a year “is making a big mistake by visiting those political facilities practicing partisan politics.”

He added: “We are monitoring him and assessing what next as per now.”

Gen. Sejusa visited the Democratic Party headquarters in Kampala on Tuesday this week where he met with the party officials and addressed a press conference, saying the opposition need a joint force to oust Museveni.

“Ugandans must know that elections are not won on the elections day but years before. Where do you think this whole National IDs issue came from? This election has been finished as we speak,” Sejusa observed.

“Why is government insisting on using a system that has severally been challenged as flawed? We know that a number of LC members during validation were not locals, and also numerous refugees have been issued with cards,” charged Sejusa.

“If we continue in an election that is already fraudulent, we are simply playing games. But also if we choose to boycott it, then we must determine to block it from happening.”


The speech by the former coordinator of intelligence organs has since rattled the establishment.

Partisan politics

Col. Ankunda observed that Sejusa as a lawyer and serving army officer knows very well that his Tuesday engagement is a “direct contravention of the law.”

The UPDF Act doesn’t allow the serving officers to enter activities deemed as partisan politics unless they formally retire from the army.

“Gen. Sejusa as a lawyer simply knows that his Tuesday action was openly breaking the law and no officer is above the law,” Col. Ankunda observed.

Sejusa has also formed a politically inclined pressure group called Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) which has been mobilising people using social media.

ChimpReports also contacted the PRU spokesman, Mr. Moses Bigirwa who said Sejusa is not a junior officer to wait for a retirement certificate from the Commander of Defense Forces, but an exceptional general whose matter has already been handled in a “special” way by President Museveni.

“Gen. Sejusa is not a lieutenant or a captain to wait to be retired by the CDF but a general with a difference whose retirement has long been handled by the Commander-in-Chief,” Mr. Bigirwa said.

When pressed to present the discharge certificate, Bigirwa said it is “just” a formality they are waiting but the “practical” retirement is long done.

“The certificate is just a formality being worked on by those junior officers but what we wanted has already been done by the C-I-C. The likes of Col. Ankunda you spoke to are junior officers who know nothing about the dealings of the general (Sejusa) and the Commandeer-in-chief.”
Zadoc Bigirwa 


Education Minister, about it Maj. (Rtd) Alupo Jessica Rose Epel has revealed that physical education and sports activities are healthy for students in colleges and higher institutions of learning

“Active participation in physical activity increases one’s body coordination, more about mental alertness, and prompt decision making for precise and maximum execution of desired tasks”, Maj. (Rtd) Alupo said.

The remarks were in a speech read on her behalf as a chief guest by the Commissioner of Physical education and sports in the Ministry of Education Mr. Omara Apitta during the opening ceremony for the ongoing 2nd edition National Intercollegiate Tertiary Institution games in Bushenyi this week.

In the speech, Alupo said that long stay in academics by students cannot help them to tackle different spheres of life and stressed a need for physical activities like athletics and football to let students expand their thinking horizons.

“Sports, as you are aware, is a culmination of physical education and training, and is a fundamental human right which the ministry is providing to ensure holistic education of an all developed individual through improved health for a productive workforce and nation,” Alupo said.

Alupo added that sports inculcates social and leadership values and attitudes like punctuality, respect for self and others, unity and patriotism – all required for national development.

She further noted that the ministry is at the onset of implementing a ten—year Skilling Uganda Strategy, where sports participation is essential for other work-skills development.

She asked represented colleges of National Teachers Colleges, Uganda Technical Colleges, and Uganda Colleges of Commerce to quickly organize themselves under a Colleges sports Association with a clear constitution that will streamline and ensure better administration of the Intercollegiate Tertiary Institutions’ National Sports activities on behalf of the Ministry.

“This will make it easier to support you and your association to attract sponsorship. The Ministry’s Educational Institutions’ sports calendar for 2015 has scheduled up to 24 institutions sports engagements at national, regional and continental levels and its among the activities directly coordinated by the Ministry,” Alupo noted

Speaking on his part, Mr Omara said the Ministry of Education is considering putting up coaching clinics as a way of getting trained people to drill the institutions through games and sports in the coming 2015/16 financial year as one method of implementing whatever has been in speeches and papers.

The ongoing inter collegiate games and sports competitions in Bushenyi will run from 12-18th April 2015.

It has attracted 870 participants from 15 Colleges including National Teachers Colleges, Colleges of Commerce and Uganda Technical Colleges across the country, competing in outdoor and indoor sports and games

The host principal of Uganda Technical College, Bushenyi Mr. Silver Mukwatsibwe said the competitions are aimed at ensuring increased participation for enhanced discipline for skills development and employment opportunities in tertiary institutions.

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