Alupo Orders Investigation into Schools Land Grabbing

Following closely developments in Burundi, website UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has Friday encouraged the authorities of this country to consider the postponing of the elections scheduled for July 15.

“Deeply concerned over the prevailing political and security environment in Burundi, the Secretary-General appeals to the Burundian authorities to seriously consider the proposal put forward by the Joint International Facilitation Team to postpone the elections further in order to create a conducive environment for inclusive, peaceful and transparent elections”, reads a statement made available this morning by the UN Spokesperson.

Such a decision would be in line with the recent decisions of the African Union Peace and Security Council and the Summit of the East African Community, points out the statement.

“The Secretary-General reiterates his appeal to all Burundian political leaders to address the current political crisis through dialogue in the larger interest of the people of Burundi, in order to consolidate peace and security and further strengthen national reconciliation.”

The statement commends the efforts of the Joint International Facilitation Team, comprising the East African Community, the African Union, the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region and the United Nations to assist the Burundian parties “to reach consensus on the way forward to ensure peaceful and credible elections in their country.”

“In Burundi, the neglected violent past has become a major obstacle for the country’s future,” said last week Pablo de Greiff, the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence.

He specifically highlighted the lack of transparency in political parties, the “instrumentalization” of, or outright disregard for the judiciary, the ignorance for the rights of citizens, and the increased manipulation of ethnicity in the country.

Warning that the governing party and its youth militia use violence to limit freedom of speech and hate speech to obtain certain electoral outcome, the independent expert stressed the utmost importance to disarm those youth militias.


“Voters must be free to support or to oppose any political party…without undue influence or coercion of any kind which may distort or inhibit the free expression of the elector’s will,” Mr. de Greiff underscored.

Ministry of Education, page Science, unhealthy Technology and Sports has tasked the Auditor General to undertake a forensic investigation into the alleged grabbing and mismanagement of land belonging to Educational institutions and sports facilities in the country.

Addressing journalists at the Media Centre in Kampala, the minister, Hon. Maj. Jessica Alupo informed that the Audit General will take on the task of identifying challenges in the management of land and make appropriate recommendations to address the same challenges.

Alupo observed that the investigation will cover schools and institutions identified by Ministry of Education and any other schools and institutions as the team may deem affected in the course of the audit.

“It should be firmly noted that the purpose of this audit exercise is not to target individuals but is geared to ultimately protect land belonging to Education Institutions,” Alupo emphasized.

The minister revealed that the investigation will commence as soon as possible in 30 schools across the country which include;

Nabagereka Primary School

Kololo Secondary School

Nakasero Primary School

Bulera Core PTC

Bat Valley Primary School

Makerere University

Nakivubu Blue Primary School

East Kololo Primary School

Nakyekoledde Primary School

Kampala Secondary School

Buganda Road Primary School

Bwala Hill Primary School

NTC Mubende

Kabale SS

Sironko High School

Public School Jinja

Soroti University

Old Kampala SS

Kitebi SS

Namboole Mandela Stadium

Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium

DIT Headquarters

Kitante PRI

Kyambogo University

Gulu University

National Curriculum Development Centre

Kitante Hill School

City High School

Kiwanga UMEA Primary School

She added that the investigation will involve consultations with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Uganda Land Commission, Buganda Land Board and other Ministries, Agencies and Departments as the investigating team may deem relevant.


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