Alshabaab Hails Paris Terror Attack

Controversial South Africa based Ugandan socialite, drug visit this site King Lawrence has released a footage showing him entering a hotel room with Kenyan model, Huddah Monroe after she accused him of lying that he had slept with her.

This all started when Huddah joined hands with fellow socialite, Zari to attack him (Lawrence) saying that he was alleging to have slept with the two beauties to make news so that he is mistaken to be having game.

This did not go well with Lawrence who claimed that he had paid the two ladies for their sexual services.

He immediately went to the hotel where he had apparently spent the night with the Kenyan model and got the CCTV footage that showed the two walking into the hotel room which he promptly posted on his Facebook wall as evidence.

In a few seconds, the Kenyan model deleted all the posts she had made and went silent on social media for some time.

After this, the controversial Rich Gang PR ranted that it was with the money he had paid to Huddah that the beauty had bought an expensive car (Range Rover) and was living a lavish life and that she therefore had no right to disrespect him on Facebook.

Lawrence further disgraced Huddah saying that she was a professional call girl. “By the way Huddah, what is your job? Men like me call you up and negotiate for your services,” Lawrence said in a Facebook post. 

“Gentlemen of chivalry are not on Instagram. They are playing golf and discussing serious business while Lawrence is just seated there looking for fame by sleeping with women and exposing them on the Internet,” Huddah said in her most recent Facebook update.

Somalia’s Al-Shabab militants, viagra Al-Qaeda’s main affiliate in Africa, Friday praised the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly in Paris as a “heroic” act.

The deadly attacks on the magazine offices preceded death of 17 people so far in past two days according to French media reports.

Two gunmen who carried out Wednesday’s deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine were killed by police yesterday afternoon.

“They made millions of Muslims happy by taking action. Some misguided people claim that freedom of expression was attacked, but that is not the case, and the two heroic people acted accordingly,” Radio Andalus, the official mouthpiece of the militants, said in a commentary.

“They cut the head of non-believers who insulted our beloved prophet,” the radio said, adding that Osama Bin Laden had “told the West that if freedom of expression has no limit, then you have to expect your blood to be shed.”

It said the satirical magazine had “insulted our prophet and annoyed millions of Muslims,” and described the attackers as “our two brothers (who) were the first to take revenge.”

Alluding to early eyewitness accounts, the radio also noted that the two brothers suspected of carrying out the killings had “declared that they are part of Al-Qaeda,” the Islamist network to which Al-Shabab are also affiliated.

Al-Shabab, who control large areas of rural Somalia, are reported to have close links with Al-Qaeda fighters in neighboring Yemen, where one of the two brothers suspected of carrying out the attack is believed to have trained.



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