Allow Us to Manage Soroti Flying School – CAA Urges Government

Mr David Mpango Kakuba the Managing Director Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda addressing journalists during the stakeholder's meeting held at Serena Hotel, Kampala

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has asked Government to allow it take over control and management of the East African Civil Aviation Academy in Soroti District located in Teso sub region in Eastern Uganda.

This was during the Aviation week stakeholder’s meeting held at Serena international conference Centre this morning.

The development comes after Government looked into the CAA budget and plan where the Authority is reportedly intending to establish its new Aviation Training School.

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While addressing journalists at the event, David Mpango Kakuba the Managing Director Civil Aviation Authority said the Authority is planning to build its own school since it cannot rely on the existing one in Soroti.

“I urge Government to place Soroti Aviation School to be run under CAA. We believe CAA will revive and manage this School very well and ensure its efficiency in training  not only Aviation Students but others as well such as Marine divers, Fire fighters which we pride in,” urged Kakuba.

Speaking at the event, Hon. Monica Azuba Ntege, Minister of Works and Transport revealed that negotiations to make Soroti Aviation Training school part of CAA are underway.

“We learnt that CAA is planning to establish its own training school. Why waste a lot of resources to start up a new establishment, yet there is an already existing facility which just needs minimal attention and fewer resources. We are engaged in negotiations about that issue and soon we shall announce what the results will be,” Said Hon.Ntege.

Founded in September 1971 under the Directorate of Civil Aviation of the EAC, Government of Uganda, the East African Community (EAC), the United Nations Development Programme, and the International Civil Aviation Organization, Soroti Flying School is one of the oldest only remaining institutions of the East African Community that collapsed in 1977, with Kenya and Tanzania taking their shares.

It should be noted that in May 2018, the East African Civil Aviation Academy (Soroti Flying School) was undergoing renovations and a certification process to become a center of aviation excellence in the region.

Since then, the School has seen new technical staff being recruited, including a Director, Quality Manager, Safety Manager, Chief Engineering Instructor and Flying instructors among others.


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