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All Sub Counties That Were in Existence By 2015 Have A Secondary School – PS Kakooza

The Ministry of Education and Sports Permanent Secretary Alex Kakooza has revealed that all secondary schools that were in existence by the year 2015 have got a secondary school.

Kakooza made the revelation while speaking to reporters at the second day of the 27th annual Education and Sports Sector Review in Kampala on Thursday.

“All sub counties that were in existence by the year 2015 have now been provided for (either construction is going on or we are procuring services to have a school in that sub county,” he said.

This has been part of the promises made by President Museveni and his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Government to curb the challenge of learners who walk tens of kilometers for secondary education especially in remote districts of Uganda.

The Ministry of Education and Sports is one of the few Ministries that have severally received all the funds allocated in the budget.

When budgets for sectors are passed by Parliament, one is always never sure that all the monies will be availed by the Ministry of Finance.

But for the education sector, in the last financial year 2019/2020, it’s budget release performed at 99.07%. that is, 3,052.59 billion shillings was released out of the total sector approved budget of 3,081.35 billion shillings.

Under a program called Inter Governmental Transfers (UgIFT), Kakooza said that last year, they built 117 schools across the country and were this year supposed to build 115.


He noted that there is another project called Uganda Secondary Education Expansion Project (USEEP) that has been approved by Cabinet that will lead to construction of 116 schools including 60 in refugee hosting communities.

“Under that project (USEEP), we are going to build 116 schools including 60 schools that are going to be expanded in areas that are hosting refugees,” Kakooza said.

This, he said would leave a balance of 27 sub counties that were in existence by the year 2015 and had not yet gotten secondary schools, but added that another project under UgIFT phase II has been approved by Cabinet and will cover all the sub counties.

However, Kakooza decried the challenge of rapid creation of new administration units including sub counties, saying that it is those units that have not been provided for with secondary schools.

“In our next round, we shall be looking at those sub counties that came into being and don’t have schools,” he noted.

As of September 2020, Uganda has a total of 2,184 sub counties/ Municipal Divisions according to the Electoral Commission statistical data.

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