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All Set For Hoop It Up Basketball Tournament

Ihoops Basketball Academy has organised a tourney this weekend in a bid to identify new talents among others.

The ‘Hoop it Up Basketball’ tourney will go underway at the Lugogo Indoor Stadium from 22-23 December.

This, is expected to develop the kids’ characters, introduce them to the virtues of team spirit and teach them to be humble in victory and optimistic in defeat.

The future stars. Courtesy photo

It will also shape their character, values and habits early on, in life. There will be Uganda’s best basketball players to inspire and share their knowledge of the sport to kids on their journey to becoming the future stars.

The tourney that targets children below 18 years will start at 9am to 5PM.

“Main reason for having the Tournament is to basically one identify talent and also create a level of competition amongest them,” said Ntale Vicky, the brain behind this initiative.

The A1 Challenge player added: “We also giving room to the players to interact and also build a strong partner foundation with the different basketball academies in Uganda in growing the game of Basketball.”


Ntale also revealed to this website that most of the participating teams will be represented by kids academies in the country.

When stars talk, you have to listen. Courtesy photo

Ten Boys teams, three and two Girls and U12 teams respectively, have confirmed their participation.

The Teams

1. Silverbacks
2. SSD Pandas
3. JKL Sports Academy
4. iHoops
5. Bullets
6. 256
7. Rez Life
8. Rising Stars
9. Eclipse
10. Amazon Rehabs

1. Jkl Sports Academy
2. Gazelles
3. iHoops

1. Team Jordan
2. Team Lebron

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