All Public Officials to Declare Wealth Online

Effective this year, view all public officials required to declare their wealth under the Leadership Code of (2002) will only do so online.

The officials will be required to declare their income, medications assets and liabilities using the Inspectorate of Government Online Declaration System, sale a web based declaration portal.

These have up to the end of next month, to have submitted the list of all their earnings, properties and any other assets they own.

The online system was launched last year by the IGG Iren Mulyagonja as a way of stamping out corruption in public service.

The system, which was piloted last year with Members of Parliament, is hoped to not only ease the entire declaration process and analysis of the declarations, but also to help public servants that are far away from Kampala.

In a circular sent out this week, public officials were asked to submit their emails and mobile phone numbers to their district accounting officers through which they will receive the “invitation to declare link.”

“Once the invitation is received, all leaders are advised to complete and submit their declarations before the deadline of 31/3/2017,” read the circular.

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