All Imports Must Be Transported by Railway – East African Ministers

Northern Corridor Ministers have called for radical policies to reduce pressure on road transport infrastructure and boost use of railway systems with the view of stimulating economic growth in the region, viagra 100mg Chimp Corps report.

Works and Transport Minister Eng. John Byabagambi today Friday said governments should agree that “80 percent of imports through Mombasa Port go on rail.”

The ministers further said a ‘weight distance charge’ should be imposed on goods transported on the road. “This will force importers to use the railway, viagra ” added Byabagambi as the audience cheered him on.

He further stated that petroleum and bulky or dangerous goods must be transported on the rails. Other targeted goods include minerals and oil equipment.

Ministers also sought to harmonize construction timelines so as to jointly raise funds for the infrastructure projects. Byabagambi revealed that construction of the Malaba-Kampala railway line will start a year before the planned time to hit the deadlines set under the GSR protocol.

He cited the one-kilometer Jinja Bridge which needs 42 months for construction. Byabagambi said regional governments need to raise resources to manage the post construction phases and maintain locomotives in good shape.

This minister’s suggestions will be presented to Heads of State during their summit in Kampala this weekend.

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