All Gov’t Agencies Must Buy Furniture from Uganda Prisons – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has directed all government Ministries, dosage Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to purchase furniture from Uganda Prisons Service, information pills Chimp Corps report.

“Uganda Prisons makes good furniture and am directing all government agencies to purchase furniture from them, ” he said.

The president gave the directive while officiating at the pass out of 1548 prison warders and wardresses held at Kololo independence grounds on Monday afternoon.

The Uganda Prisons Service (UPS), alongside its mandate of providing safe, secure, and humane custody of offenders, also provides extra services to the inmates including rehabilitation programs, Agriculture and vocational studies.

In the vocational studies, inmates are trained in Metal work and Fabrication, Art and Craft, Tailoring, carpentry, Performing Arts among many others.

The President appreciated the UPS for the work they are doing, saying that “the primary function of the UPS is to provide correctional service and it’s doing very well.”

He further lauded UPS for taking up his order on cotton production & seed multiplication. The UPS was earlier allocated Shs 9billion to grow cotton to enable the country live to its pledge of abolishing importation of second hand clothes.

According to the UPS commissioner general, Dr. Johnson Byabashaija, the service targets to cultivate 2500 acres of cotton to produce more than 60,000 bales of cotton in the first financial year.


Museveni implored the new warders and wardresses to take good care of themselves advising them to refrain from any acts that would put their lives at risk.

“Look after your discipline and don’t go to the bars. Avoid alcohol and ‘umalaya’, Keep healthy.”

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