All 65 Indigenous Communities of Uganda to Take Part in Uganda – International Cultural Expo In US

Minister of State for Gender and Culture Hon Peace Mutuuzo has revealed that all 65 indigenous communities in Uganda will have representation in the forthcoming annual Uganda International Cultural Expo 2020.

The fair will take place from 1st to 15th August 2020 in Washington DC and New York in the United States.

Before this, the Ministry of Gender together with Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities in partnership with Uganda International Cultural Expo and Silk Events will hold the first expo in Uganda on the 27th and 28th March 2020 at Freedom City and the Kampala Serena Hotel respectively in preparation for the USA expo.

Addressing the press on Friday, Minister Mutuuzo said the main purpose of the expo is to take Uganda to the world and bring the world to Uganda, enhance and transform cultural tourism, provide a platform for the Ugandan community to showcase the opportunities provided by the cultural industry to its national and international community.

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The exhibition is organized under the theme “showcasing the beauty of Uganda through cultural music, dance and instruments“.

“Uganda is blessed with 65 different indigenous communities across the regions of the country. This diversity is a huge resource through which social economic development can be attained if taken advantage of. Uganda’s music, dance and instruments make the country stand out as a strong cultural diverse society not only in the region but also on the global scene.”

Through the expo, the Minister added, Uganda’s cultural music will gain international traction especially in the United States and other countries where international performances will be staged.

“Every ethnic group of the 65 indigenous communities will have a package to showcase their originality.”


Further, she said that the 2020 expo will be different from the usual cultural concerts that have a mix of various cultures in a single performance.

The cultural groups from 5 different regions of Central, West, East, North, West Nile and Karamoja will undergo a comprehensive training, induction and mentoring to meet the international standards without devaluing their original cultural expressions.

“That is why instead of organising a concert where people are doing white wash, imitating other people’s cultures, we want the owners of culture to manifest and express themselves within this expo,” she emphasized.

She added that Government will identify, support and ensure that opportunities for Ugandans in creative industry that have not come to the limelight before are opened up.

“That is the reason we have gone to the different regions of the country to identify and pick out talented young Ugandans to give them an opportunity, platform and exposure for them to showcase the originality, authenticity and also to be exposed outside world.”

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