Ali Kiba Live in Kampala: Here is Why it Remains One of the Unmatched Shows

There have been shows happening in Kampala and in Uganda as a whole which we can say have moved the mountains.

Some of which featured the top international big stars in the Music industry and all partiers say is that they have seen it all.

Little did they know that Tanzanian bongo star Ali Kiba would be performing for the second time in Kampala.

It’s not proper describing his concert as the best,but saying it was better than the best rather unmatched,doesn’t make someone wrong.

Much as partiers did not turn up in big numbers,Ali Kiba’s great performance made them feel very special to have attended the show.

“I have been longing to see Ali perform live on stage.he is one of those artists I call perfect and indeed he is. My endeavor to come and witness him perform has paid me off. I have loved every inch of his moves on stage,” said a one Morris from Kenya.

He added that he came all the way from Kenya just to attend the concert due to his underlying love for Ali Kiba.

Friday 13 wasn’t just an ordinary night as the Tanzanian legendary singer treated partiers to an exciting show-stopping performance.


His melodic voice,dance moves were all perfect as he delivered his Swahili hits that moved the crowd.

Upon stepping to the stage,Ali Kiba did justice to his sound tracks including Aje, Mwana, Cinderalla and Chekecha among others.

He entirely had partiers at the palm of his hands,under his full control all night long.

“Put your hands in the air”,he would command them and they exactly did the same.

NBS’s Karitas with comic Ronnie Mcvex enjoying the show

Towards the end of his performance, the singer said, can I have some Kadogo ladies here,i wanna show you something.”

He subjected them to a dance competition where he later on, with the help of revelers, chose the best he danced with to one of his hits.

It was the saddest moment to the partiers as his time was up.

“Thank you Kampala,thank you,I love you all.for those of you who still want more of my performance, let’s go to Nexus for an after Party,” he said.

The show which was organised under Nexus events,did not fall short of the party flavor as it was clear that party animals had brought along the right dose of excitement to the venue with Salvado steering fans into his comic world of nonstop jokes and laughter every once in a while.

Before Ali Kiba, there were also electrifying performances from John Blaq,Sheebah Karungi,Levixone and Weasel who kept the party lively as they delivered their smash hits.

It was literally a night to remember as fans lost themselves to their music and singing along to different songs while sipping on Tusker Lite,the event’s sponsors.

Ali Kiba is one of the most liked personalities in Tanzania and has surely had a bigger addition of followers and fans adore his recent performance in Kampala.

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