Alcohol Drinkers Lack Purpose – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni was yesterday prompted to once again give out tips on living healthy lives, which he said has kept him strong enough to do his work.

Museveni in a televised interview described himself as a disciplined person who eats healthy and never touches alcohol.

He went on to question the reasoning of people who waste their own bodies by drinking alcohol, and termed them lacking mission.

“Drinking alcohol is a problem. I don’t know why people drink alcohol,” Museveni told CNBC Africa in an interview.

“I think alcohol drinkers are not mission oriented. If you are mission oriented; if you want to achieve something; why should you weaken yourself so that you don’t achieve the mission?”

The President was responding to the interviewer’s question on how he has managed to look strong despite his advanced age.

“I am disciplined; I don’t drink alcohol,” he responded. “I don’t squander my life. I am fit. I used to exercise although these days I don’t exercise so much.”

Health diet

The president also revealed that he owed his good health to a healthy diet which is devoid of European and Asian foods.

“I don’t eat rice,” he said. “I don’t know why you eat rice, you Africans.  I don’t eat bread; I eat kalo (millet). African foods are more nutritious than the European ones.

Museveni Also had further advice on healthy eating.

“You should also eat at the right time; not before you sleep. The good meal is breakfast; that’s what your body needs. Lunch, not so much; supper is totally unnecessary.”

Asked on whether he was concerned about his legacy now that he has reached his evening years, the 72 year old said he doesn’t worry about Uganda’s future because it is prescribed in the national constitution.

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