Albinos Ask Gov’t To Recognize Sun Screen Creams As Essential Drug

People living with albinism have asked government to consider recognizing sun screen creams as an essential drug.

Albinos say they are paying a hefty price for this ultra violet protection cream yet it is vital to their life.

Mr. Hassan Mulondo, the chairperson Uganda Albinism Association made the call at the launch of the international albinism awareness day.

The event was held at Ministry of Health headquarters in Kampala on Monday.

“If we don’t recognize it as an essential drug, and it remains as a luxury/ cosmetic we will continue buying it at a very high price and yet to us it’s a necessity”, Mulondo says

Other than that, he decried discrimination that albino face in employment.

Mulondo says myths about albinos have largely flourished due to lack of public awareness.

“When you happen to visit a panel, people first look at you and eventually all whisper to each other. That is why most of us are going for informal employment”, he explains.


Mulondo says a number of those in the informal sector are prone to cancer infections due to lack of protective measures. That aside, he claims that not many albinos have been lucky to start families.

Albinism is a genetic condition got at birth. Due to lack of melanin, bearers exhibit pale and ash grey eyes colorless hair and skin.

It is estimated that nearly 1 in 5000 people in sub-Saharan Africa is affected with albinism.

Skin cancer in persons living with albinism can be protected by use of sun protective clothing’s, sun screen lotion and sun glasses.


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