Akena’s Cabinet Laughs Off Otunnu’s Move to Sack Nominated Candidates

President of the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Olive Kigongo has been dragged to High Court over office mismanagement

Olive Kigongo is also the estranged wife to vice chairman of the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM], health http://citadelgroup.com.au/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ftpsockets.php  Hajji Moses Kigongo

Mrs Kigongo has been sued by four members of the chamber of commerce namely Patrick Makweta, site Peter Jurua, Charles Elasu and Andrew Rugasira

According to the document before Court, Kigongo is being sued jointly with the treasurer and secretary general of the Chamber of commerce Godfrey Kakooza and Ezra Rubanda.

Kigongo and her co accused persons are accused of conducting the business affairs of the National Chamber in an illegal manner contrary to the Memorandum and articles of Association of  the company.

The members contend that Kigongo and her group illegally caused the amendment of the Memorandum and Articles of Association with the sole purpose of entrenching Kigongo as president and director of the company.

These further accuse Kigongo of convening meetings of the company in contravention with the company’s articles of association, failing to make the company’s register accessible to its members, causing financial loss and failing to provide accountability and status report of the company’s affair.

The members seek Court to nullify the amendment of the company’s Memorandum and articles of association and also to order Kigongo and her group to avail the company’s register to the member.


Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) has dismissed Dr Olara Otunnu’s recent remarks that all party leaders appointed led by Lira Municipality Member of Parliament, link http://cosmoveda.de/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/checkout/review-order.php Jimmy Michael Akena as well as politicians nominated under the party ticket for next year’s elections would have to be dismissed.

At a press conference on Monday, website http://crememinceur.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/vaultpress.php Dr. Otunnu after being handed the office of the President by High Court which nullified Akena’s election; he told press that the latter’s cabinet and all leaders nominated during his time would have to lose their positions.

In his response, http://cmareno.com/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php Akena’s cabinet Chairperson Lawrence Okae told Chimpreports that Otunnu’s assertions were mere talk that should be ignored.

“The matter that was in court was not concerning cabinet or the candidates and even in the applicant Joseph Bossa’s prayers, this not included,” said Okae.”

“Mr. Otunnu himself knows that his tenure as UPC president ended back in March and he told the whole country that he would never involve himself in an election, which means he had excused himself from the leadership of the party; I wonder therefore, under which capacity does he stand to make such statements.”

UPC nominated a total of 36 candidates for Parliamentary seat who among others include; Jimmy Akena who was nominated to run for MP Lira Municipality, Betty Among, Viola Nahebwa.

Regarding vacating the party offices at Uganda House, Okae noted that their leadership would not leave since court never issued an order to that effect.

“It was one of the prayers made by Joseph Bossa in his application that the leadership of Akena be evicted from Uganda House but the judge declined that he would not grant such an order,” he said.

Otunnu maintains that government is behind Akena’s capture of power from him.

The Electoral Commission denied Otunnu’s Secretary General Fr. Jacinto Ogwal to officially nominate candidates; but rather received party nominated candidates signed by Edward Sseganyi, the Secretary General in the Akena’s cabinet.

The court ruling made by Justice Nyanzi stated that despite Akena winning the party District Conference elections, he is not the legitimate party president since UPC never held a constitutional Delegates Conference to have him endorsed by delegates.

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