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AKENA SHOOTING: Kanyamunyu File Sent to DPP

Quantum Logistics boss Mathew Kanyamunyu is today Monday expected to appear at Nakawa Court in the murder case of Kenneth Akena.

ChimpReports understands that Kanyamunyu’s file was this past week sent to the Nakawa Resident State Attorney for perusal and advice.

Legal sources said as per now prosecution are relying on circumstantial evidence to pin Kanyamunyu in the shooting of Akena on November 12.

It is alleged Kanyamunyu had a disagreement with Akena in Lugogo before shooting the latter in the stomach.

Kanyamunyu’s family insists as a Good Samaritan, treatment the suspect who is currently in detention, only helped the injured Akena access medical facilities.

Police officers told us that Nakasero hospital doctors recorded statements since Akena was first taken to the facility before being relocated to Norvik Hospital where he breathed his last.

In a press statement issued last week, Nakasero Hospital said Akena was received at the Accident and Emergency department at 8:00pm.

“Emergency procedures including a CT scan were carried out. He was taken to the theatre at 9:00pm and an emergency surgery carried out,” said the high-end medical facility.


Post operatively, the patient’s condition was still critical and needed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facilities.

And since Nakasero Hospital was at full capacity he was kept on life support machine in the theatre as a search for an ICU in Kampala was made.

“These efforts of searching for an ICU were carried out together with the family. ICU facilities in most hospitals were at full capacity including IHK and Case Hospital. One was identified as Norvik Hospital where the patient was transferred at 2:00am,” said Nakasero Hospital.

“The medical staff including the surgeon accompanied the patient together with the family and handed him over to the medical staff at Norvik Hospital ICU.”

Investigators are wondering why Kanyamunyu opted for Nakasero hospital and left out the nearest Naguru Hospital and neighbouring health facilities.

With police falling short of recovering the gun and cartridges used in Akena’s shooting, the case could crumble like a pack of cards from a kid’s hand.

Police also are yet to find eyewitnesses, who saw Akena being shot, leaving investigators speculating.

The case has since ignited ethnic tensions in the country with leaders from Northern Uganda calling for justice.

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