Akena Denies UPC Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NRM

The Lira Municipality Member of Parliament who doubles as opposition Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party President Jimmy Akena has denied that UPC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the ruling NRM party.

This is contrary to what he said in 2016 during the elections when he was quoted saying that UPC had worked on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the NRM which later resulted into his wife Betty Amongi being appointed a Cabinet Minister in the NRM Government.

“There is no MOU which has been signed, we talked about certain issues but there is nothing which has been signed as an MOU. There were discussions, there were some fruits of those discussions but there has not been an MOU signed and especially when it comes to elections,” said Akena while appearing on NBS TV on Monday.

On the issue of contesting for elective positions, Akena said UPC stands independent without any unification with NRM.

“When it came to elections, I stood against an NRM candidate. In all elections I have participated in, NRM has filled candidates, in all seats that we have won, NRM has filled candidates and I don’t expect that this coming election will be any different. When it comes to campaigns, elections, we stand as UPC with our values, manifesto and what we stand for,” Akena explained.

“What comes after the election is a thing which we can discuss after. There has not been a time when I have stood in an election and NRM doesn’t fill a candidate,” he added.

On the issue of whether or not he will stand as a presidential candidate in the 2021 general election, he said, “we are working towards that. It’s a question of rebuilding the party, organising the party and to have presence across the country.”

On whether the red color which seems to have been taken over by the People Power pressure group headed by Kyadondo East legislator and presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi, Akena said UPC used red as its color before People Power and it will remain red.


He also decried internal wrangles within UPC which have significantly contributed towards the downfall of UPC party.

“We have gone through some difficult times, we have gone through rough times, we have also suffered because of some of our internal contradictions but as far as red is concerned, we were red before People Power and after People Power we are still going to be red.

We have maintained our positions and we have continued to participate in the politics of Uganda so there are some things which come and go but I can assure you UPC is here to stay,” he said.

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