Akena Declared UPC President Amid Police Deployment

Police was compelled on Monday afternoon to deploy at the UPC headquarters in Kampala to prevent a possible fistfight between Uganda Peoples Congress members and the party Electoral Commissioners, buy information pills sales http://citizenspace.us/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-users-list-table.php after a presidential election.

The commissioners were forced to declare Hon. Jimmy Akena, page http://culinaryhealthfund.org/wp-content/plugins/broken-link-checker/modules/extras/youtube.php son to the former UPC president Milton Obote as the president elect for the party.

The commissioners, information pills who were delaying to announce the results, said they didn’t want to announce results when some from other districts were yet to be verified as they were sent it via SMS.

Akena's supporters celebrate
Akena’s supporters celebrate

Earlier there was a lot of tension as commissioners tried to vacate the party headquarters but were pushed back into the room which ushered in the police to calm the situation.

However, due to threats for chaos from the congressmen, the commissioners finally took a decision to declare Jimmy Akena as the party’s president elect.

Commissioner Edwards Sseganyi was forced to make the announcement on Monday evening
Commissioner Edwards Sseganyi was forced to make the announcement on Monday evening

The results as announced by Commissioner Edward Seganyi were as follows; Jimmy Akena won in 67 districts, David Pulkol-12 districts, Joseph Bossa-11, David Nyote-4, Julius Ochen-9, Edward Kakonge-2, Benson Obua-1,Dan Okello-0, Sam Musamali Wandeka-0.

FIRST LADY: Akena's wife was also present.
FIRST LADY: Akena’s wife was also present.

“I finally announce Hon. Jimmy Akena as the party’s president elect as voted by party district delegates; his name is to be forwarded to the Delegates Conference upon confirmation in July,” said Seganyi.

By the time of the announcement, results from 106 districts had been confirmed, 4 were disputed while 2 districts never voted.



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