Akena Cabinet Advises Otunnu to form Own Party

13 students of St. Mary’s college Rushoroza Kabale were on Thursday arrested and 120 sent home following a violent strike at the school on Wednesday night that left the boys dormitory windows shattered and two students injured.

The arrested are believed to have had a hand in the chaos that erupted on Wednesday night when S5 students went on rampage destroying the windows of the boy’s dormitory and injuring two S6 students in the process.

The injured are admitted at Rushoroza health center IV.

Head teacher Remegio Byamugisha [in suit] speaking to police at the campus
Head teacher Remegio Byamugisha [in suit] speaking to police at the campus
Students that spoke to our reporter revealed that the fighting broke out when some A Level candidates beat up an S5 student whom they were accused of theft.

His classmates in response attacked the head prefect’s cubicle where the S6 culprits were hiding and started hurling stones at it.

Police monitoring the situation at the school
Police monitoring the situation at the school

Head teacher Remegio Byamukama told us that they later called the rivaling parties for reconciliation and believed that the matter had been resolved.

“But at night a fierce fight erupted and we were compelled to call in the police which restored calm after a lot of property was destroyed. We have decided to suspend about 120 students in the meantime” he said.



Augustine Nakitari the Kabale district acting police commander says the situation at the school is under control as investigations in the cause of the strike proceed. The ringleaders he said would be charged and presented in courts of law.

This is the second strike to take place at the school this term. At the beginning of last month students went on rampage accusing the school for not providing with them with rice.
The woes within the opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress are not showing signs of relenting and the two rival factions led by Hon Jimmy Michael Akena and Dr Olara Otunnu are getting harder on each other.

At a press conference addressed by the Akena cabinet at Uganda House in Kampala on July 22, viagra the group advised Otunnu to distance himself from party activities since he was a mastermind in the overthrow of the UPC government by Gen. Tito Okello Lutwa in 1985.

“All this time it has been Otunnu’s ambition to see UPC disintegrating; he was the intellectual leader that ousted the [Dr Milton] Obote government with help of Gen. Bazirio Olara Okello his uncle,” revealed Higenyi Kemba the party Chief Administrative Secretary.

“We apologize to all Ugandans and UPC members for having committed such a blander of electing Otunnu as the party president in 2010,” he added.

Kemba made the remarks while unleashing a rebuttal of the report by the Otunnu Commission of inquiry whose findings he termed as devoid of the truth.

“This group should stop disorganizing us; let them go and launch their own party and call it whatever they want,” Kemba emphasized.

Kemba dismissed allegations that the party was headed for crisis, noting that what is taking place within the party is just a revolution where energetic youth are taking up leadership.

“I call upon our elders of the Milton Obote Foundation (MOF) to accept this change that has come for the better; this is just vibrancy that is streaming through. They should allow Akena’s leadership to get established.”


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