AIRPORT MYSTERY SOLVED: Police Wearing CAA Uniform Arrested Besigye

The arrest of Dr. Kizza Besigye at Entebbe International Airport was conducted by the police officers putting on the uniform of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), page http://chatterblast.com/wp-includes/ms-blogs.php the public has been told.

Upon return from abroad early this week, Besigye told press that he was grabbed on the steps of the Kenya Airways aircraft by what he called goons donning CAA Uniform.

He said these “literally lifted him into a CAA vehicle, and drove him to the old airport where police vehicles were waiting.”

Yesterday however, police came out to clarify that the officials that arrested Besigye from the aircraft were indeed police officers that work at the airport.

AIGP Felix Kaweesi who is now the force’s Spokesman, made the revelation while appearing on NBS TV’s political talkshow, the Front Line on Thursday evening.

“It wasn’t CAA but our officers wearing the CAA jackets that arrested Dr. Besigye from the steps of the plane and safely took him home,” Kaweesi said.

Kaweesi’s revelation matched Besigye’s earlier statement that it was police officers “abusing” the uniform of another institution.

It however contrasts the CAA’s Tuesday press release that denied the involvement of either its officers or uniform in the arrest of Besigye.


Besigye during the TV show revealed that the officers that arrested him were dressed in reflector jackets branded Civil Aviation Authority.
“The vehicle they took me to was also branded CAA, it had blue number plates UAR 487Y and was orangish in color,” said Besigye.

The police mouthpiece however, clarified that the arrest was done by the police and that no laws were broken.

“The airports operate in a way that whoever works there, you must put on a brand of CAA. All Personal especially at the gate side must put on reflector jackets for identification by the pilots. It is also a requirement that our vehicles have the markings of CAA.”

He added, “Even on the aircraft we deploy air martials. We can arrest on the plane or even travel with a suspect. There was no law flaunted. We don’t need CAA permission to do our work at the airport.

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