Airlines Advised To Make Use Of Media Advertising

The airline companies have been advised to embrace the media so as to advertise and make their services popular in the country.

The call was made today at the Board air services licensing hearing held at Mestil Hotel in Nsambya, Kampala.

As part of the Civil Aviation Authority’s obligation, the hearing saw attendance from air services operators, members of the public, aviation board members and journalists among others.

Speaking at the event, Engineer McKenzie Ogweng, Chairman Board air services licensing committee said that air services licensing hearing is one of the requirements Civil Aviation Authority is charged with.

“For a number of reasons, it is public transport, so the public demand to know the reason as to why you want to fly from one point to another; since they are they are the consumers of the services.

Instead of spending too many hours on road going to places such as Gulu, Mbarara, one can easily get there in just 45 minutes. In other words, we are trying to promote the industry.”

Engineer McKenzie Ogweng, Chairman Board air services licensing committee addressing journalists on Thursday this week at Mestil hotel Kampala

Asked why aviation licensing is a night mare to the operators, Ogweng said that the civil aviation of Uganda is one of the easiest places to get the license in the region.

Ogweng cited that Civil Aviation Authority considers safety first, so as to ensure smooth operation of the interested companies.


“The equipment you are going to use is paramount; you need to be secure, use better equipment or aircraft so that you just don’t just start aviation and keep crushing, killing our people.

Secondly, they should be economically viable, that’s why you see we do economic regulations so that they don’t come up wasting people’s time and tomorrow they are not in business.”

Ogweng called upon bigger players with bigger aircrafts to join the industry so as to propel the aviation growth in the country.

Mr. David Kakuba, MD CAA said that “Aviation industry world is very highly regulated and secondly, it’s a sector which manages risk at almost 100% therefore, if you want to come to fly, you must go through very many processes like this hearing session today.

David Kakuba,MD CAA Uganda speaking at the event

The hearing sessions are part of the lengthy processes of ensuring safe and secure operations in the aviation industry.”

He also added that Uganda airlines to be certified it has to go through 5 phases, now that they have gone through 3 most important ones and they are remaining with 2, so  anybody else must go through those phases.

“These phases are not for Uganda CAA, but they are dictated by the international civil aviation organizations,” He said.

He added that Uganda so far has 48 operators including international operators and local ones such as Qatar, Brussels, Emirates, Ethiopia, Kenya air ways and now Uganda airlines.

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