AIGP Fred Yiga Flags off 71 MECL Enlisted Youths to Work Abroad

Middle East Consultants Limited, a labour exporting firm registered by the Ministry Gender, Labour and Social Development has on Tuesday morning flagged off 71 youths to go and work abroad.

It should be noted that Middle East Consultants has been in the business for the last 14 years.

These are going to work as security guards, cleaners in public places and other girls will work as maids — they are going in United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

Flagging off the workers, Assistant Inspector of Police Fred Yiga, the director of Interpol urged the workers to work hard for a better tomorrow of their motherland:

“Go out there and work as required, you are not criminals, you are still young people who are going to develop this country.”

He also thanked Middle East managing Director, Gordon Mugyenyi for being able to create opportunities for the youths abroad.

He also revealed that the police has full trust in the agency.

Mugyenyi advised the workers to save and remain disciplined: “Be good workers, disciplined and be extra careful. Start saving so that in the near future, you will be able to enjoy your sweats.”


Mugyenyi revealed to this website that these workers are monitored and he pays visit to them every after four months.

He added that he has taken a step further to help these workers to form SACCOS, an initiative which he said that many selfish workers are yet to comply with.

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