Age-Limit:  Timetable to Kick Out Kamya Drawn

The Uganda Federal Alliance top leaders have resolved to hold National Executive Meeting in the next 30 days to decide on the fate of KCCA Minister, Betty Kamya as their president.

The party top leaders led by Secretary General, Kennedy Oluma convened on Wednesday in Kampala to discuss the conduct of Kamya, who they accuse of supporting the removal of the presidential age limit, against the will of the opposition party that stands for the federal ideology.

On Thursday, the party released a press statement saying the appointment of Kamya as minister was meant to weaken them politically.

“Uganda Federal Alliance is an independent opposition political party irrespective of the conspicuous appointment of its party president Hon. Beti Olive Kamya as a cabinet minister by the ruling NRM government. We perceive this appointment as a means to cripple and frustrate the party and the entire opposition which we detest and shall continue to disapprove by all means,” part of the statement signed by Oluma said.

“The party president’s inability to perform her due responsibilities as the party leader to steer its objective will be resolved by the responsible party organs with immediate effect as all options are available to restore discipline and order in the party.”

The National Delegates Conference, the organ responsible for electing and removing the president is to immediately convene after the NEC extraordinary meeting.

“The office of the Secretary General shall expedite a process of convening the comprehensive National Executive Committee meeting in not exceeding thirty (30) days from the date of this meeting to discuss the key matters of the party and; as a matter of urgency hold the National Delegates conference.”

The party disassociated its self from Kamya’s support of the amendment of Constitution article 102 (b) stressing that it is the responsibility of all pro-democracy forces to defend the Constitution.

“It is our responsibility and all democracy seeking forces to defend our constitution against the perennial presidency of Museveni which has ever strongly been articulated by our party president.”

On Tuesday ChimpReports broke the story of the move by UFA leaders to impeach Kamya. In a phone interview with our reporter on the same day, Kamya described the development as rumors and instead accused Dr. Besigye and other opposition members for intimidating people supporting age limit removal.

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