Age Limit: Nankabirwa Scoffs at Opposition’s ‘Early Celebrations’  

The Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa has advised opposition to hold onto their early celebrations after the Age Limit Amendment motion was not tabled today.

The opposition in Parliament caused chaos in the house which prompted the Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah to adjourn the house.

The MPs  came out celebrating that they had won the first round of the battle.

However, the Chief whip revealed that everything that happened today was not a surprise.

She said she and other NRM MPs knew that the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker never had enough time to deliberate on the issue to a logical conclusion.

“There is nothing to worry about; many motions are always given time to be discussed. I believe the legislator (Bill architect Hon Raphael Magezi) will be given time next week and he will present the motion,” Nankabirwa said.

Asked to comment on the opposition celebrations, Nankabirwa termed today’s development as a “consolation for their past losses.”

“I know they also want to have some happiness because they are few, their people are always losing, they have lost in almost all by-elections; their situation is not all that good. They are frustrated, that is why these days I distance myself from them because someone can end up boxing you,” Nankabirwa said.

Nankabirwa added that the opposition is disorganized with internal wrangles which can’t allow them any victory against the organized NRM.

“Though I don’t take this as a win because Parliament hasn’t been shut down; the motion will still come at any time. After successfully deliberating on the motion then we shall be in position to determine the winner and loser.”

She added however that, the motion is for Ugandans and at the end of the day it is Ugandans that must win.


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