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AGE LIMIT: MP Simeo Nsubuga Slapped at Kabaka Party

Controversial Kassanda South MP Simeo Nsubuga has been humiliated with slaps and punches at Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s 24th Coronation anniversary in Mubende District.

The former police spokesperson is among lawmakers working tooth and nail to ensure Parliament amends the presidential age limit clause in the Constitution.

If successful, the move would see President Museveni stand for another term in office after clocking the mandatory 75 years.

Drama unfolded today when MPs were called to pay their the respects to Kabaka.

Unaware of the plot, Simeo rushed to the stage.

In a flash of an eye, a one William Ntege alias Kyuma kya Yesu, grabbed Simeo before punching him.

Ntege shoved and blasted the lawmaker who was visibly shocked and disturbed.

Simeo was dragged away from the stage as he fought back.


It took the intervention of security to save the lawmaker.

Ntege was led away by the military and police personnel.

He described Simeo as a ‘traitor’ who deserved a severe punishment.

Responding to the incident, Simeo described Ntege’s conduct as ‘criminal’, adding his tormentor was executing a “well organized” and “calculated plan” by opposition members to “intimidate” him.

He further said he was a victim of a plot to frustrate his efforts of amending the constitution.

The MP said he had survived riskier scenarios including serving as a police officer in South Sudan and Somalia than today’s situation and could therefore not succumb to intimidation.

But authorities say Simeo has never been deployed to a battlefield in both countries.

The lawmaker vowed to pay back his tormenters in the “same currency” as the opposition’s plot against supporters of the constitutional amendment has become clearer.

Opposition has since vowed to put up a stiff resistance against plans to amend the Constitution, saying it would facilitate a life presidency.

But government insists it doesn’t have any plans to amend the age limit clause.

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