Age Limit Motion Still Missing on Order Paper: MP Magezi Says He Deserves Explanation  

Raphael Magezi, the Igara West Member of Parliament who is pushing a motion to table a bill removing the presidential age limit from the constitution, says he is unaware why his motion has not been included on the order paper.

Magezi’s motion by 11am Tuesday was not included on the order paper for today’s plenary.

The same was the case in previously sitting on Thursday last week.

Today’s Order Paper came out quite unusually in the wee hours of the morning.

Today's order paper doesn't contain the age limit motion
Today’s order paper doesn’t contain the age limit motion

Hon Magezi says he has done all the paper work and followed all the right procedure and does not know why his motion is not being put on the order paper.

“The order paper is the prerogative of the speaker,” he said. “She is the one to decide what to be scheduled for plenary. For me I followed all the right procedures. I filed the notice for the motion; I resented the copy of the draft bill.”

Magezi said if his motion continues to be left out, he will formally file a complaint to the speaker.

“I think I deserve an explanation as to why my motion is not being included on the order paper,” he said at Parliament.

With just over two hours to today’s plenary; it remains to be seen if the order paper will be amended, which is possible, to include the motion.

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