Age Limit: Minister Mateke Slams ‘Greedy MPs’

State Minister of Regional Cooperation Dr Philemon Mateke has attacked NRM members of parliament who he accused of greed and self-centeredness.

The Minister described the MPs, who last year snuck into the Constitutional Amendment No. 2 of 2017, a 2 year extension of their own term, as greedy and unbothered about the development of the country.

Dr Mateke while addressing the press on Tuesday at Mubano Hotel in Kisoro municipality stressed that the amendment was primarily meant for the removal of the Presidential Age Limit.

He said he was shocked to learn that MPs had snuck in the 2 year term extension, well aware that the people gave them a social contract of 5 years.

This he said was immoral.

“When we sat in cabinet it was resolved, that it is morally wrong for the extension of the MPs’ term” Mateke told the press.

The 2 year extension has since been struck down by the Constitutional Court, since it was smuggled in without consultation with the voters.

Dr Mateke told reporters that it is the people of Uganda who are the kingmakers, and must be respected by the legislators.


Meanwhile, the minister expressed anger at the local leaders in Kisoro district, who he accused of conspiring to eliminate him from the affairs of the district.

Mateke claims district leaders have made deliberate efforts to sideline him, because many of them were unhappy with his appointment in cabinet.

“They said I was unfit to be minister. In fact one of the current MPs led people to meet President Museveni, to convince him to drop my name because I was too old,” he said.

“They forget that I fought hard in the creation of this district, and many of them are enjoying the fruits of my seat.”

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