Age Limit: Mabirizi Tables Voluminous Submission at EAC Court

Self-styled city lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi kicked off the new year with one more of his signature court drama, by filing yet another huge pile of submissions to court.

The lawyer showed up this morning with a large pile of booklets at the East African Court of Justice sub registry in Kampala, where he is pursuing a petition against the Ugandan Supreme Court ruling that upheld the Presidential Age Limit.

The 490 booklets, he said, contained written submissions with authorities.

” This is a big case which has come from a long way,” he said.

“As you all remember at first, we used a pickup and a Tuk tuk to present evidence in Ugandan courts. so I had to summarize all that evidence into these few books.” Mabirizi added

Last year the East African court sitting at Arusha promised to deliver the ruling on Mabirizi’s application regarding the validity of the forthcoming general elections in Uganda before the end of this month.

The government of Uganda through Attorney General is expected to file its written submissions as soon as it is served so that   both parties prepare for oral submissions.


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