Age Limit: Mabirizi Asks East African Court to Strike Out Government’s Defence

Lawyer Hassan Kassim Male Mabirizi has filed a response to the East African Court of Justice seeking   for a dismissal of both the answer in reply and the affidavit in reply to his petition by the Attorney General, in the matter in which he wants this court to nullify the presidential age limit law

In his submissions filed to the court’s sub registry in Kampala, Mabirizi contends that the government’s response was filed in court after the mandatory 45 days period wit in which the reply must be made.

He adds that the reply was accompanied by “irrelevant and scandalous material”

“The documents ‘Answer to the Reference and ‘Affidavit in reply’ filed by the respondent are alien to the system and rules of East African court of justice,”  he said.

Mabirizi accompanied his request with an affidavit within which he avers that on top of filing the response out of time , most of the issues he raised in his application were never responded to.

The alleged issues include; preventing him from accessing the Parliament’s gallery, failing to take all public participation steps and the use of Police and Military to dispersing public meetings

As such, he says court should strike out Government’s response filed on 20th this month with costs.

The Attorney General had also asked the same court to dismiss Mabirizi’s case because it has no jurisdiction to entertain appeals against decisions of competent courts of law from Member States



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