AGE-LIMIT: Kamya Speaks Out on Impeachment, Blasts Besigye

The Minister of Kampala Capital City Authority Beti Kamya has said no one should intimidate people advocating for the removal of the age limit from the Constitution.

ChimpReports on Tuesday morning reported a simmering move by Kamya’s Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) officials to impeach her as party president.

The party Acting Secretary General, Kennedy Oluma accuses the minister of disregarding the party position in her support for the contentious amendment.

When contacted on phone by our reporter, Kamya stated that democracy should be given a chance as people debate the age limit.

“We should submit to a democratic process and stop intimidating people who are supporting the removal of age limit,” Kamya said.

The minister stressed that both those for and against the amendment should harmoniously sell their ideas.

“Sell your line if you don’t want it also allow those want the amendment to sell their line. We should behave like democrats.”

Kamya also accused the opposition figure Dr. Kizza Besigye of ‘insatiably’ spending Shs. 10bn in the last election on himself alone forgetting that he also needed numbers in Parliament.

“We should know that what goes around comes around. When President Museveni was investing in MPs in the last elections, Besigye used 10bn on himself alone forgetting that the battlefield is at Parliament,” she said.

According to Kamya if Besigye had used the money “wisely” FDC would be having about 100 MPs but not only 37.

On her impending impeachment, Kamya said she would talk to her party members and only comment when she has first-hand information.

“It’s still rumors for now. Let me talk to them and get back to you.”

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