AGE LIMIT: Drama as Priest Blocks Rubanda Woman MP from Speaking in Church

Prossy Akampurira Begumisa Mbabazi, the Rubanda district Woman Member of Parliament had it rough on Christmas day when she was denied a platform to talk to Christians of Kaara Catholic church in Muko sub-county, Rubanda district over supporting the age limit amendment bill.

Akampurira was on the committee of the Legal and Parliament Affairs that drafted the report that endorsed the removal of the age limit.

She was also among the lawmakers that voted for scrapping of the law that bars anyone below the age of 35 and above 75 years from standing for presidency.

So, during Christmas mass at Kaara Catholic Church — Akampurira who voters say betrayed them — was made to pay the price for her choices.

As the prayers proceeded, according to our reporter, the legislator through the catechist of the church sent a note to the priest who was leading mass, Rev.Fr. Vianney Byaruhanga, seeking permission to address the congregation at the end of the sermon.

The request was denied and the priest rebuked her for “betraying” her voters and rooting for “selfish interests” where MPs voted for extension of their 5-year term in parliament to 7 years.

Fr. Byaruhanga said that he was not going to allow Akampurira to deliver a speech in church, saying if she wanted to speak to people she should do it only outside the church.

“Hon. MP I will not allow you to speak inside the church; if you want to talk to the people you can do that outside … You and your fellow NRM MPs, you betrayed and sold the constituents in Parliament by voting for yes for the age limit bill, this is not why we voted you …,” said Fr Byaruhanga before giving a blessing.


Akampurira later met some of the Christians outside the church where she gave them Shs1 million towards development of the church.

It should be recalled that this is not the first time the legislator was embarrassed over age limit; sometime in September she was booed and heckled at a burial ceremony.


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