AGE LIMIT DEBATE: Anite Accuses FDC’s Turinawe of Threatening Her Life

The Minister of State for Investment and Privatization Eveyln Anite has accused the FDC strong woman Ingrid Turinawe of threatening her over the ongoing sticky debate about removal of the Presidential age limit.

Anite told journalists at State House that the controversial debate is an architect of the Opposition to provoke the ruling party.

“There’s a lot of provocation going on by the Opposition and it is led by Ingrid Turinawe. They intimidated and threatened us and we had to respond because we are not cowards,” Anite said.

She was talking to the press moments after President Museveni in his first response to the age limit talk disregarded it as ‘diversionary’ and ‘nonsense’.

Museveni said “there hasn’t been any proposal by the responsible people on this debate.”

“We have responded and told them that this age limit debate hasn’t come up yet therefore it is premature to pronounce ourselves. There are democratic structures for a leader to take power in Uganda,” Anite added.

Anite would later implicate Ingrid Turinawe for threatening her life and family.

“Ingrid Turinawe and her group created a social media and have been threatening us. Personally, they have threatened me and my family. But I am not afraid. If they hit at me, I will hit back.”

“If you disagree with me, I don’t have to agree with you and you don’t have to threaten me. They forget that we have their numbers,” she added.

However, when asked whether she has reported the case to Police, the Minister said there was no need since she knew who was behind the threats.

Anite was instrumental in the nomination by NRM party of Museveni that saw him run for the top office in 2016.

Anite, then NRM youth mobilizer literally knelt down before Museveni at a retreat in Kyankwanzi in 2014 and pleaded with Museveni to stand as party candidate.

She would then rally other party members to back Museveni’s sole candidature.

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