Age Limit: Col. Abiriga Orders for Pistol to Beef Up Security

Arua Municipality Member of Parliament (MP), Col. Ibrahim Abiriga has told ChimpReports that despite the numerous threats on his life from the public over the campaign to lift the Presidential age limit, he will not be cowed.

Abiriga while speaking to our reporter at Parliament on Monday confirmed that some people especially from the Central region and the opposition in West Nile have been sending him threats.

Recently, social media mobilizers launched a campaign calling upon Ugandans to make calls to their area MPs warning them against supporting the lifting of the constitutional age lit age limit and a number of legislators have reportedly fallen victims.

“The other day a bodaboda man in Bwaise ran into my car, he wanted to pull me out but he was beaten properly by his colleagues,” Abiriga said.

“I have already convinced some youths and bodaboda cyclists in some parts of the country to support me. No one will touch me. No one can ever touch me in West Nile because they believe in my campaign,” Abiriga said.

Asked to comment on reports that his home is currently guarded by the Special Forces Command (SFC), Abiriga dismissed the reports as unfounded.

“I am a soldier and I must have security, but it is not true that I have been given SFC to guard my home. There is no one guarding me apparently; security is me and you know me, I don’t want anybody to guard me because I am enough. I can only be defeated when I die,” Abiriga said.

 “If I needed a guard from government, I would apply straight to the CDF for two guards, but not using the President’s guards and I have not done that; I am strong and I will hold my ground myself.”

The MP then told us that he has ordered for a pistol, to beef up his security.

“Some people have advised me to put my guns in the vehicle which I refused because they are big guns, it is better to get a pistol.

“I have already applied for a pistol from the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen. Kale Kayihura just because it is a good gun and can shoot fast; once someone attacks I just pull it out.”

Asked why he would need a pistol yet he claims that he has no enemies, Abiriga noted, “I need the pistol to protect myself from any attackers.”

Abiriga revealed that he has already received response from the IGP concerning his application for a pistol and was cleared.

“He told me that I should prepare money and then go and get one; he is the one to recommend you to have one.”

Aspiring private gun owners need to apply to the Police head, and pay a fee of Shs 5million to be licensed carriers.

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